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Three Poems to Wodin

This poem must be read while listening to “The Four Last Songs of Richard Strauss” as sung by Jessye Norman.

First Poem to Wodin

               like those nights when it rained
          and you took me with passion
     make it rain again—
          it’s been a long time.

Second Poem to Wodin

Your touch was so gentle
the strains of your
are coming back to me.

I am surrounded
by the richness of it
Songs from our
     ancient times together
     on this first rain.

I feel as if
I can see through my body
I am floating gently
towards your open arms
     beckoning to me lovingly
Your gnarled hands glow
     with their strength

I am crying now
for I have missed you,
missed you unspeakably.

I am home now.

Third Poem to Wodin

I am here
sitting on my throne
I can see the clouds you made
and I smell the air,
crisp and fragrant with the
fires of yule.

I am here, beloved,
and I hear your rain
falling gently, caressing the
brown earth beneath.
I marvel at your skill
and your

I am here,
and I feel you all
     around me
You are so

Make it rain again—
It’s been a long time.

Copyright © 1989, 2023, by JoJo Zawawi, All Rights Reserved.

Copyright ©  by JoJo Zawawi, All Rights Reserved.     
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