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Timeless Magazine

Back in the early 1980s, I edited and published a science fiction/fantasy fanzine called Timeless, just for the sheer fun of it. All of the content (stories, illustrations) was provided by members of the then-“National Science Fiction Association (NSFA)”, which I inherited from the original leadership (whose time was being usurped by his university studies and other aspects of life in general). We boasted a membership of around 150. It was fun!

First, a couple of interviews-by-mail that I did:

An Interview With Anne McCaffrey, 1982
An Interview With Roger Zelazny, 1982

And here's Timeless!

Before it was Timeless, it was called Voyage. This was before I took over the whole thing.

I was just a member for these first couple of issues:

This is where I came on board as the Director of the Science Fiction/Fantasy Dept.:

And this is where I became Editor-in-Chief:

After that, I took over the whole thing, and you find the issues of Timeless above.

My husband took the first two photos to the left. I mention this because I took all the rest of the pics on this site (except the pics of me!).

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