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I LOVE TO CREATE:  I've been playing piano and composing since I was 18 months old. I write all kinds of music and film scores. I've performed in several countries. I write poetry and stories, paint, draw, carve wood and make jewelry and other stuff.

I HELP OTHERS CREATE:  I enjoy editing. I enjoy typing/transcription (150 WPM!). I can edit and type pretty much anything—books, technical manuals, articles, press releases, legal, medical, tax, insurance, high-tech/IT, rocket science (really!)—anything.

I ENJOY THE WORLD:  I love learning languages and speak several to varying degrees. I love talking to people! I tutor English. I've lived all over the world and love all sorts of music, food, places, people. And, oh, I'm a Certified Weather Spotter!

I DO STUFF YOU PROBABLY DON'T LIKE DOING:  I used to do tax preparation, and I still do accounting/​bookkeeping and financial management (like paying bills, etc.). I've been a computer programmer (and guess what? I'm getting back into that again, wahoo! #geek #coder!), import/export manager, fanzine editor/publisher and other stuff!

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