About Me

I LOVE TO CREATE!!!  I've been playing piano and composing since I was 18 months old. I write all kinds of music, and poetry and stories, too. I like to paint, draw, carve wood and make jewelry and other stuff.

I ENJOY THE WORLD.  I love learning languages and speak a whole bunch to varying degrees (one of these days, I might even become fluent in a few of them). I love talking to people! I've lived all over the world and love all sorts of music, food, places, people. I cook, garden, and blah blah blah. I'm growing redwood trees! I'm a certified Weather Spotter and a licensed Amateur Radio Operator (aka Ham Radio Operator), although, to be honest, we never did finish setting up the radio stuff and I've forgotten most of it by now. Ha!

      The Team

Mister Fuzzy
Mister FuzzyPest Control
Godzilla vs. Gumby
Godzilla ZawawiGumby Control
Techno Cluck Rooster and Chickens
Techno CluckCrowd Control

Repeat! Neat Things People Said About Me

I always did like your composing. It's refreshing. ... Genius composer.

Chick CoreaMultiple Grammy-Winning Jazz Pianist & Composer

IT’S BEAUTIFUL ... beautiful. That’s ****ing amazing. You are so alive!!!!!

Stanley ClarkeGrammy-Winning Bassist, Producer, Composer

You have chops!

Steve RochinskiJazz Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Author, Music Professor at Berklee College of Music

I am blown away with the raw talent of JoJo Zawawi...

... makes me want to cry and laugh. I only hope that you know how outrageously talented you are. In the Middle-East when you hear or see something that is brilliant you shout Allah! Allah! That is what I am doing right now.

Elen GhulamArtist, Author, Flamenco Dancer


My dear JoJo, you are a true genius!! You are increeeedibly talented, as a musician, composer, arranger, and all-round artist!

Nicky BakerActress, Singer, Artist


F.K.Artists' Rep

I’m the daughter of a classical musician starved for good improvisational sound. You are a delight and relief.


You are a musical genius like I’ve rarely seen.


Wow Wow. What a beautiful gift you have sent me.

Your playing is exquisite. Lyrical. Everything. Just wonderful. I have been looking for piano CDs ... yours is just wonderful. Thank you so much—just love it.

A.T.Flamenco Guitarist

“Went to your site and listened. First calm moment I had all day.

I loved it. So beautiful ... your music is superlative.


That is my favorite type of sound.

That understated, beautiful Piano. Great stuff.

Lightfield LewisFilmmaker

It’s breathtaking.

Your improv is magical. Listening to the notes as they play out is like following a path and not knowing where it will lead and being overwhelmed by beauty at each turn. It touches the soul ... beyond amazing. If I could only take five CDs to my desert island, one of yours would be on my list of must haves.


Really beautiful writing/improv.

Your piano improv is just exquisite, I really mean that. I’ll be listening to this again and again.

Kennard RamseyComposer, Musician

You are so talented. Beautiful. You have a unique ‘voice’.

Sparkle V. HayterAuthor

WOW!!!! What an amazing artist!

Michael DovenPhotographer

Beautiful JoJo!!!!! Wonderfuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllll my friend.

Harmony is wonderful. Thank youuuuuuuuu. It is very beautiful!!!!! You made me very happy tonight. Always so lyrical and dreamy. Thanks for your music JoJo.

Fulvio LiuzziComposer, Musician, Music Teacher

Holy crap. This is AWESOME. Just off the charts epic.

D.D.Event Producer, PR Executive, Musician

JoJo!! LOVE it!!!

So beautiful!!! I hear you in this music, JoJo!! Beautiful.

Jenna ElfmanActress, Dancer

Haunting and gorgeous and so beautifully done. Wow.


Darn beautiful stuff!

Marc BossermanComposer, Musician

Chopin couldn’t hold your chopsticks.

P.A.V.P. of a tech firm

Totally beautiful score, JoJo. Wow!!!!!!!

Daniel LirFilmmaker

Wow! Haunting. Powerful. Such a story in the music!

Listening to this, you’d think you were Armenian!!! Brava, JoJo!!!!

Anoush NevartActress, Musician

Wow, such gorgeous music. I’ve been listening to it these past few days.

Many pieces got to me. But I just listened to one tonight which REALLY got to me. Had me in tears, actually.

Michael ManoogianArtist, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Your music touched my soul...

I’m just listening to your tracks now, they’re all so beautiful. I haven’t had a lot of chances to listen to your tracks before, but seems like I had a sudden shock listening to them, they’re so truly beautiful and emotional ... I’ll be on the stage in a concert tomorrow night, I was feeling a bit nervous tonight, but your music touched my soul, and inspired me so much. I don’t normally write messages but just really wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your wonderful music. With big respect.

K.Pianist, Composer

Dependable, reliable, uber competent and delivers what she promises.

T.J.Marketing Professional

JoJo is an upbeat and creative person with integrity and talent.

H.M.Graphic Designer/Printer

JoJo is an honest and easygoing person. She's professional...

...and takes the time to provide good work. I like her style.


JoJo is very imaginative, innovative and creative.

R.H.Computer Programmer