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My name is JoJo Zawawi and I have seriously crazy curly red hair, which should tell you something.  (I'm not sure what!)  Even though I don't live there at the moment, I'm mostly from Los Angeles.

Why “Mysterious Person”? Well, here's the backstory: When I was a young'un and had no credit rating, no credit cards, no nada, and was working as an employee doing data entry in Glendale, American Express sent me an invitation to apply for a fancy-schmancy corporate card. I KNEW they wouldn't approve me (heck, I didn't even have a business!), so I sent in the app just for fun. I put “Mysterious Person” as the company name. Two weeks later, the card came in the mail. It was AWESOME. “JoJo [+ my maiden name], Mysterious Person.” And this was in the days when you handed your credit card to the merchant, long before electronic terminals. Man, was that fun. And thus, Mysterious Person was born.

And what about me? I've lived all over the world and had a pile of adventures (see my Blog).  I compose all sorts of music and the occasional film score (nominated for Best Composer/Documentary at the 2018 Burbank International Film Festival!).  I write.  I edit others' writings.  I love learning languages.  I paint and draw and carve wood and make stuff.  I do some tedious stuff that you probably don't like doing, like accounting stuff.  I'm even getting back into computer programming #geek #coder (used to do it & loved it!). I do transcription and I type 150 wpm, and I'm seriously well-versed in a whole lot of technical, scientific, legal, medical and other fields.  I cook.  I take pictures.  (All photos on this site, except those of me!, and except one of the pictures of Mister Fuzzy the cat, were taken by me.) You can visit the About Me page for more Stuff About Me!


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