Seriously Good Editing!

That's what you want, right? That's what I do.

I've been editing for years. I'm very literate. I read a lot. I write a lot (pretty good at that, too). I've tutored English. I also speak several other languages more or less, and am very good at editing stuff written by folks whose first language isn't English. I've edited fiction books, non-fiction books, manuals, articles, press releases, legal stuff, medical stuff, insurance stuff, finance/tax stuff, real estate stuff, corporate stuff, high tech stuff, rocket science stuff—all kinds of stuff!

If it's written, I can edit it.

I LEAVE YOUR STYLE INTACT. It's YOUR writing, not mine.

I clean up typos, funky grammar and punctuation, continuity problems, stuff that doesn't read well, is hard to understand, doesn't follow, doesn't make sense, what have you.

HERE ARE SOME KUDOS from happy writers and corporate execs:

Fiction Book Editing:
“You are da bomb girl. Anyone who has you as an editor is ****ing lucky. I'm very pleased. You're the editor I've been looking for. You honored my style and my voice. You are very good at what you do. Thank you. I couldn't be happier about our first collaboration. I think it's brilliant. You make me giddy ... you're fabulous. Long live my brilliant editor!”

Fiction Book Editing:
“AMAZING EDITING! Thank you so much! ... Again, I can't thank you enough! You do great work.”

Non-Fiction Book Editing:
“Just wanted to say that I like your edits and feel they add to the manuscript! Thanks!!!!”

Article Editing:
“Just wanted to let you know how fantastic you did on the case studies. Thank you!”

I had some space left, so here's an alligator (yes, I took the photo):

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